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Why Are Beer Garden Tables So Popular?

What’s A Beer Garden?

Beer gardens are special areas outside. Often they are situated in a place that looks like a garden with a number of trees and bushes surrounding it. Keep in mind, creating a beer garden, one must adhere to the placement rule. It is important for a beer garden table and benches to have minimal space between them. In its turn, this provides close communication with people sitting at the next table.

This tradition has existed for many years, but it has not changed its basic function. Beer gardens are still open-air areas where people can rest from the hustle and bustle of the city and their routine.

Which Beer Garden Is The World’s Most Famous?

According to the last research, there are top three the most impressive and often visited by tourist beer gardens. So, the world’s most famous beer garden is Zugspitze Beer Garden in Bavaria, Drury Beer Garden in Philadelphia, and Brouwerij’t IJ in Amsterdam. People from all around the world visit them and say that it gives an unforgettable experience. There is the thought that every person should visit at least one of them. Well, here we are to find out why they are so popular among citizens and tourists as well.

What Are The Top Reasons For Beer Gardens Popularity?

To begin with, people are looking for new experiences, impressions, and escape from everyday life. As a rule, beer gardens can provide you with all of them. What is more, those people who have already visited at least one of them say that the reasons for the beer garden became popular are food, drinks, and emotions.

Food – For the first time, beer gardens were made as only drinking establishments. This means, there was no food provided. But today the whole situation change, and now you can purchase a lot of local cuisines just in place. The most popular snack of the beer-swilling crowd is the worst. There is a big variety of it. And what is good for budget tourists, these meals may be extremely cheap.

Drinks– Naturally, people come to the beer garden to sample a beer. As a rule, most of the beer gardens took place where did beer originate. That is the reason why is it called beer. In general, every beer garden has its own brewery to which it is attached. So, be sure, the beer you drink is always fresh and unique. On the other hand, not only beer is served there. You can also find a number of drinks with lighter alcohol content. The wide range of them will satisfy everyone’s needs.

Emotions – Be sure, there is much more to see and to do in the beer garden, than just drinking. Very often, breweries owners use different kinds of entertainment to attract more visitors to their place. Some are arranging themed evenings or increase the variety of meals, while others invite famous musicians and play live music. All of them want to give you an unforgettable experience so that you come back again and again.