Magic Mushrooms

Using Magic Mushrooms: Some Warnings to Note

Mushrooms seem to be a kind of fun game with no hard and fast rules. But, there are many things to note behind the beautiful names and descriptions of excellent hallucinogenic effects.

Since ancient times, shamans and priests have used magic plants as a way of self-knowledge, a tool for communicating with the spirits of ancestors, predicting the future, and healing fellow tribespeople. However, for many millennia, people have lost knowledge of the properties and capabilities of shrooms. Only in the second half of the last century, this topic again appears in the field of view of the masses and become the subject of scientific research.

It has now been proven that taking small quantities of magic shrooms can improve a person’s mental state, increase productivity and creativity, and partially relieve pain in cancer. You may be familiar with this information, but what do you know about the dangers of psilocybin? If you are not yet known and forewarned, then this article will help you!

Risks of psychedelic use

There can be a lot of problems associated with the hallucinogenic trip, but this does not make the psilocybin products bad magic mushrooms. Let’s divide the difficulties and controversial points into groups, analyze each of them, and then you can draw conclusions.

 General caveats:

  • Age of use;

If you are a teenager and passionately want to appreciate and feel the total brightness of the psychedelic experience, then at least – be careful, and as a maximum – try to wait until the age of majority. Of course, age is a somewhat arbitrary concept because the state of consciousness often does not depend so much on your age.

However, do not forget that physical parameter, including developing your brain as an organ, depends on your lifestyle. Mushrooms can influence its formation and complicate your life in the future.

  • Beware of accepting mushrooms in large companies;

It is a controlled drug that requires a suitable environment for self-discovery. If you are in the wrong place, with the wrong people, you cannot be sure that a bad trip will not occur. And this is an extensive psycho-emotional trauma.

Moreover, in a large company and the absence of a sitter, you can harm yourself or others. Be careful.

  • Do not mix magic mushrooms with anything;

In general, they should not be mixed even with food not to provoke a state of nausea and vomiting. And don’t even dare think about their combination with alcohol or other drugs (especially stimulants)!

  • Don’t take too much;

It is important to remember that the stage of entering a psychedelic state can last from half an hour to an hour and a half. Because of this, many inexperienced users decide to take an additional dose of the substance. Don’t do that, relax and wait a bit!

Physical risks from eating mushrooms:

  • Inhibition of reaction;
  • Fatigue and desire to sleep;
  • Increased heart rate;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Possible seizures;
  • Poisoning of the body.

 Psychological risks:

  • Poor understanding of where you are, with whom, and when;
  • State of panic;
  • Psychosis and nervous breakdown (with bad trips and tendency to schizophrenia);
  • Paranoia.

We hope that our article helped you answer the question: “are magic mushrooms dangerous?”. Have a safe trip!