Smooth Skin

The Secret of Super Clear and Smooth Skin

Many people know about problem skin and make their own complex journey on the path to a flawless complexion. Surely, it’s necessary to visit a cosmetologist, use the correct order of skincare products, and don’t underestimate the importance of healthy sleep. Check out the ultimate remvital review for more details.

Also, trying to help and looking for professional recommendations, we met with a famous nutritionist Dale Pinnock and talked to him about how what we eat can affect our skin. All the details are right below. 

When it comes to spots as an adult, Dale says it’s a problem he sees a lot of. He says, “The top skin problems I’m asked about are Eczema, adult acne, and Rosacea. When it comes to acne specifically, for some people it can be down to diet like eating lots of high GI foods. But we’ve also got ourselves to blame for the world we’ve created. It’s stressful, busy, and difficult. And it shows in our skin. “Acne later in life usually suggests your body is producing too much testosterone. This naturally occurs in women’s bodies, but acne can be a symptom your body is producing too much. It’s the same for insulin because too much has an impact on sebum production and may contribute to acne.”

Dale was up as part of his book tour for “The Clear Skin Cook Book”, a paperback packed full of tasty recipes jammed with nutritional value that could improve our skin. It’s the second book Dale has written, and it’s a subject that he’s experienced first-hand.

“I struggled with spots from when I was about ten or eleven. I was miserable and used to wear a scarf to hide behind. I’d tried almost everything but nothing worked. Then when I was 15, I was round at my friend’s house feeling really down about it when his mum said to me, that how you looked, started with what you put into your body. It was the first time anyone had ever said that to me and it got me thinking. So I started reading everything I could find on healthy eating and I realized that we could influence our skin.”

Dale went on to study both Nutrition and Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster. He’s appeared on the likes of Lorraine Kelly’s breakfast show and The Alan Titchmarsh Show. He says, “All the recipes are mine, most of them are in my head so it’s just a case of writing them down. Then I get my girlfriend to sample, and she’s pretty good at giving me an honest opinion.”

The “Clear Skin Cook Book” is packed with scrumptious sounding meals. So which is Dale’s favorite? He jokes, “That’s like trying to choose your favorite child, but I do like the Crostini with Olive and Artichoke Pate it’s probably one of my favorites.”