How to Hang Posters

How to Hang Posters Without Damaging the Wall?

There are many ways to hang posters on the wall, and each of them may be suitable for some people and not suitable for others. That is why, you should always pay attention to the material of the poster itself (in fact, you can find the best services of poster printing in San Francisco), the wall and its covering, and, of course, whether you are going to reuse the poster or remove the poster later.

Best way to hang posters

One of the best possible decisions in such a situation is a double-sided tape. This is the best way of how to hang a poster without damaging the poster. This is also a great solution for how to hang a poster without a frame – you don’t need to frame the poster, it is enough to glue small strips (no more than 1 cm) along the edges. It is important to make sure the surface is smooth before placing.

Other ways to hang the poster

Between other ways are the push pins. This type of fastener perfectly holds lightweight posters. There are a huge number of varieties of buttons with the decorative design of the heads, which not only will not spoil the appearance of the poster but, on the contrary, will decorate it. At the same time, do not worry that after that there will be traces on the wall.
A sewing pin or paper clip can also become one of the best ways to hang posters. This option is the most accurate way, as it allows posters to be placed on the wall with the least surface damage. However, these types of fasteners are only able to withstand a small weight. Decorative tape or decorative braid can also be used as a fastener. With its help, you can arrange small paintings or posters in a more original way. With such a method, you can solve the problem of how to hang a silk poster or how to hang a fabric poster as well.

Latest solutions

If all of those methods of how to hang the poster on the wall just are not for you, you might like the Velcro, or «Command» System, which has proven to be an excellent way to attach objects to flat, smooth walls. Velcro straps are made of plastic. They have a small hook at the ends. This system consists of two parts, which have a sticky layer. One part is glued to the wall, the other to the back of the desired object, and then they are connected.

Remember that to enjoy the poster in your apartment, you do not have to resort to ready-made mounting methods. You can always create and invent something new. Ropes, pins, or scotch tape – combine, look for an alternative and make sure that your decor is at the same time beautiful, practical, and does not damage your walls in the house.