Grow Christmas Trees

How To Grow Christmas Trees?

Celebrating Christmas is about the taste, smell, and embodiment of childhood. We remember gingerbread, fruitcake, and turkey for a whole year after the momentous event. Garlands sparkle with magic and add comfort to family gatherings, about the scent of pine needles from Christmas trees NYC. No matter how tired we are or how we spend on gifts and decorations, we are still happy on this sacred night. One thing only strains many – that the holiday will pass, and the evergreen tree will grow dull and crumble, and we will not be able to do anything, and next year we will have to rebuy a new one.

But there is a way out, and it is obvious! Buy a tree once and grow it yourself in a pot. If you have little experience and are afraid that you will not cope with this, do not worry because our experts will give you solid advice and useful recommendations.

How to grow Christmas trees?

We understand that the process is not the fastest, and you will have to train your patience for 4-10 years so that the tree can grow healthy and beautiful, turning from a seedling into a real tree. If you want a specific answer to how fast Christmas trees grow, then you can hardly get it. The fact is that a lot depends on the type of tree, the quality of fertilizers, the amount of time spent on leaving, the climate, the individual characteristics of the future tree, and what you have chosen – seeds or seedlings.
But do not be alarmed, because as practice shows, long-term investments are the most profitable investments.

So let’s take a look at the specific steps for growing the perfect Christmas tree:

1) Choosing a good tree

Focus on the adaptability of the variety to the climate. At the same time, it is advisable to contact farmers from nurseries for evergreens, as they can help you there, suggest some essential details, and so on. In addition, you will need to decide on the best Christmas trees to grow variety. There are not so many of them, but they are pretty different from each other, namely:
• Spruce
They need a cool climate and unique drained soil that can be found near highlands. It is attractive for its great smell and appearance. Growth time – 7 – 10 years. Height – 6 to 7 feet.
• Pine
Almost any climatic conditions and types of soil are suitable for them. Growth time is six years.
• Cypress
Also, quite unpretentious plants, both in terms of soil and fertilizers, and in relation to the weather in the growing zone.
• Cedar
They require a warm southern climate. Growth time: 4 years.

2) Growing seedlings.

First, place the seeds in a water-soaked napkin and leave them in the refrigerator or cellar for a couple of weeks. It would help if you got them out of there when green sprouts are visible on them. Buy a soil mixture for planting in advance or dial from a nearby park, field, or forest.

Pour the soil into the container, but only after placing a few stones down on the bottom. Then lower the seeds into the ground and add a few inches of soil on top. If you want to grow multiple trees, place seeds three to four inches apart in the container. Drizzle with water and cover containers with plastic (food) wrap. If you can leave the container in the sun, then do so. If not, buy a unique lamp. As soon as the seedlings hatch above the soil, remove the film. Water once a week.

3) Planting

Dig a small hole, level out the roots, tamp the soil, and just water and fertilize for the next few years.

We hope we have helped you figure out how long Christmas trees take to grow and other details. Good luck!