Monochrome Trend

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Black and white remains popular and is ideal for a classic formal event Create drama with contrast: keep the table light against a dark background. The tablecloth and the draping in the background are of the same material and motif, the draping being a dark negative of the light tablecloth. Two black metal trees against the wall replace the traditional Christmas tree and add to the theme.

Set an Oriental Table  

If you are interested in Asian culture including its traditions, tea ceremony, japanese anime body pillow and different kawaii products, etc., you may like the idea to set the table with small, simple square plates and ceramic bowls to create the feel for your guests. Place folded napkins on the plate and top them with lacquered chopsticks in complementing colors to finish off the look. Shop around for pure silk fabric and don’t forget to set the mood with well-placed candles.

Set a monochrome table  

Nothing says luxury quite like layer upon layer of plates, cutlery, and glasses – so if a formal theme is what you want, you’ll need to lay it on. Use a glass underplate topped with a large dinner plate (placing a napkin between), add a side plate and soup or fish bowl. Guests can eat from the top down, or remove the plates as needed. A formal table usually serves three to four courses, so set cutlery as they will be used from the outside in, with the dessert spoon (and fork, if needed) placed above the setting, and the glasses to the top right for easy reach.

Graceful in green

An elegant formal table shouldn’t be limited to indoors – entertain your family outside under a beautiful lace umbrella while you take in the African sun.

Set a green table  

Lay your festive green table with a mix of classic and modern: crystal glasses and antique silverware offsets a modern mix of crockery for formal elegance. Hit secondhand stores or flea markets for classic pieces of silverware at bargain prices. And do mix old and new cutlery and glassware for a unique look and festive atmosphere.

Eastern magic

Asian dining is all about getting down, with everyone seated on the ground – so a low table and comfortable cushions are a must for this type of setting. For added flair, have your gifts match the dinner theme, such as fans, a set of chopsticks, or individual paper lanterns – that add to the sense of occasion. Keep the table dressing simple and elegant with whimsical touches thrown in for good measure.


Always set your table with chopsticks, but do keep cutlery on hand for those guests who have difficulty handling chopsticks.

Floor cushions in natural materials are an essential element in creating an eastern feel, while a Chinese paper fan makes for a cool surprise – and memorable gift – for guests. Dress your garden in honor of the festive season: hang lanterns from trees, plant bamboo torches, tie ribbons around branches or go one step further, and fill an unused birdcage with baubles.