U.S. Visa

5 Facts to Know About the U.S. Visa

Today more and more people wish to go abroad, in order to make their lives more successful and interesting. The United States is one of the most visited countries all over the world. It is commonly believed, that America is a place of great opportunities for everyone.

In order to visit the USA, it is necessary to apply for a US visa. Another step is to contact the U.S. Embassy: Rangoon, Myanmar, where you will be asked several questions during the interview. Of course, before doing that, you should be aware of some straight facts and nuances, concerning the application process. So, the following information will be really useful for you to know.

5 Basic Visa Facts Important to Know

·         Besides your own passport, it is necessary to have the travel documents. In general, a U.S. visa is just a stamp, which you get in these documents.

This stamp certifies that you are able to pass the U.S. border. However, sometimes there may appear some unexpected situations. Despite the fact, that you have a U.S. visa, the embassy or the consulate may decide that you are not allowed to enter the country.

·         Although, the previous rule is not compulsory for everyone. Visa Waiver Countries do not need to have U.S. visas to visit this country. There are 38 such countries. Among them are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, and others.

·         There are several types of visas in the U.S. It depends on the purpose of entering the United States.  In general, they are divided into two basic types: non-immigrant and immigrant visas.

Non-immigrant type suggests people, who may enter the country and stay here for some time. Immigrant visas may get those people, who are allowed to live in the USA constantly.

·         Previously regarded types of visas also have their categories. For instance, categories (B-1, B-2) – visas for business and travel, (F-1, M-1) – visas for students, (C-1/D) – worker visas belong to a non-immigrant type of visas. It is interesting to know, that in general, there are about 20 different categories of non-immigrant visas.

Immigrant visas include such main categories as: (F) – Family Preference, (E) -Employment Preference, (DIV) – Diversity Immigrants, (SIV) – Special Immigrants, and some others.

The most popular today is FB2 visa category. It is the Family Preference visa, which helps to reunion families in America.

These visas are used for adult children. It is required to be over 21 years old and unmarried. If the children can provide some necessary documents, which prove their affiliation with the American nation, they may constantly live in the United States.

·         It is well known, that medicine in the United States is very expensive. So, it is necessary to have health insurance, which will allow you to save your money.


Being well-informed means traveling without any problems. Remember these five facts to make your visit to America unforgettable.